Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flame and Citron - Left Me Speechless

Really, I have nothing to say.  I've linked to two reviews below, but talking about the movie just trivializes it.  The reviews don't tell you much more than the reviewers' knowledge of film history and the technical side of the movie.

It was like a strong wind blew through my mind, stirring up old ideas that had long ago settled like dust in my brain.  I have no idea how to grasp hold of any of those specs of dust, and really no desire to.  I'll just let them naturally find some place to rest and perhaps it will all make some sense later on.

If that makes no sense:  I was blown away by the movie.  But even to tell you what it's about (Danish underground in WWII) is like describing a shiny red Porsche as a vehicle to get from here to there.  At this point, for me the film is just something shiny that has whizzed by and I don't yet know enough to label it a Porsche or even red.  But maybe the words will come in the next week or so. 

For those who need specifics here's Robert Ebert's take.  And here's what Manhola Dargis at the NY Times had to say.

No, we didn't bike to the Bear Tooth.  It was 5˚F and falling and getting dark.  But there were two bikes there.  And they weren't covered with snow or ice.  And we did see two other people riding as we came.  It seems to me each year Anchorage has significantly more people riding as a regular mode of transportation, not just recreation, and not just in the summer.  I did bike Monday to Bede's anniversary.  But it was warmer - about 12˚F -  and sunny.

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