Saturday, February 21, 2009

Updating My Alaska Blog List

When I first starting blogging and only three or four people a day (counting my mother) were looking at my blog, I checked out posts on how to increase readership. One way that everyone recommended was to trade links with other bloggers.

But I really didn't want to have long lists of bloggers I didn't read or really care about just to get them to put my link up on their blogs.

Some time ago, I posted about Alaska blogs I liked. But didn't get around to putting them all up. Then Blogger offered a widget that put the blog list in order of the most recent post and allowed the reader to see the title of the newest post. I could see the benefit of that approach by the traffic it brought to my blog from other bloggers who used that widget - thanks especially to Immoral Minority for the links from there.

But there are way too many Alaska blogs to list them all. So my approach was to keep the list relatively short by doing the ones I really like a lot, and to leave off the blogs that are already on everyone else's lists (except those I had up before they were 'famous'.)

Then I saw that the blogger widget also let's me limit how many blogs with titles of their latest posts are on the list. So today I added about half a dozen links, but limited the total number to ten. So, only the ten blogs with the most recent posts will be showing. That means the blogs whose last post was three weeks ago probably won't be on the list.

It also means that the links I had to Alaskarants,Alaska Blogs, and Globe of Blogs, which are not blogs, but lists of blogs, won't show up at all because they don't have any latest posts.

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