Sunday, February 08, 2009

Kuala Lumpur 5 - KL Tour Saturday

[Sunday, Feb. 7, 8pm Malaysia Time] Yesterday we spent the day on the Hop On/Hop Off bus. A person we met on the monorail the first day recommended it. It was a good way to get a sense of the whole of KL, but probably a little pricey and we could have taken cabs and trains etc. for considerably cheaper. Since I'd been here before - about 5 years ago for a conference - I had a reasonable sense of things. But all in all it was fine.

I'm going to try to break this down into different parts of the day. After the roti breakfast - see previous post - we walked through a small urban forest to the KL Tower where we were going to catch the Hop-on Hop-off bus. You can start anywhere and pay on the bus. We ran into this guy who is doing a report on how the Bukit Nanas area of KL contributes to tourism. He'd been taking lots of pictures of the park. Including a picture of us tourists. So I took his picture.

On the top of the hill, well, almost the top, is a campground, and these girls had camped there that night in tents. I was pretty impressed that we were in a pretty thick forest right in the middle of KL. But it wasn't quiet. The researcher told us to be careful on the path because the "monkeys like to pass urine" from above. We didn't see any monkeys there, but saw lots at the bird park.

This is an Australian nurse we met waiting for the bus. You can get on and off all day. We'd gotten off to go to Low??? Plaza - a big electronic shopping mall - to see if I could get a back up battery for my camera. I'd forgotten to recharge mine and it was flashing. After rejecting the Canon battery as too expensive, we ended up with a generic version for less than what eBatt wanted with shipping. And, it had enough charge in it to get me through the day. When we got back to the bus stop we talked to this nurse who was headed to Ho Chi Minh City for two weeks to train nurses and doctors in emergency stroke care.

Here we were driving through China town and they had a dragon dance going on. It's the tail end of the Chinese New Years and yesterday was a big day for celebrating it in KL>

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  1. thanks for the info.. been searching about this KL hop on and hop off bus.. ciao


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