Sunday, February 08, 2009

Kuala Lumpur 6 - KL Tour Saturday Bird Park

[Stlll Sunday evening Feb. 7, 2009 Malaysia time]

The bird park was a short walk from the butterly park. Most of it was covered in mesh like the butterfly park.

This was a place to get your picture taken with the birds. I never thought of owls as being trainable before. And later in the bird show they had a Brahminy Kite doing tricks.

Emu. (J's here - I'm back at the visitor center across the street
from the hotel using the wifi - and we're going to eat so I'm going finish this quick.

The bird show.

Wasn't exciting enough to keep everyone awake.

There were lots of storks and I think this one thought my camera case was a fish bag.

And there were a number of peacocks showing off.

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