Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things People Search

Here's my latest of collection of search terms that got people to this blog:

  • turning wife over to sexual demonic powers (Columbus Georgia)
    No comment - I think this got to the post on Eliot Spitzer
  • i know my first name is steven (from, a Norwegian search engine)
    This turned out to be the title of a movie about a seven year old boy who was kidnapped, but it has a lot of words in common with What Do I know?
  • how to tell if people dont like you (san diego)
  • what do birds have in common
    With what? This got to post on ten common birds of Chiang Mai
  • how to get ready for a dentist appointment in 1 day (Tennessee)
  • western union, little india
    Sometimes people get exactly what (it would appear) they want.
    This got to this picture of the Western Union shop in Little India, Singapore
  • interesting cow parsnip facts
    And they got to a long post with pictures and links on cow parsnips
  • motor vehicle called hummer (from Malawi using Eng us)
    They got a picture of Senator Lyman Hoffman's Hummer
  • charity ceo "reporting unethical behavior" (Chicago)
    doesn't sound good
  • instructions for life
    That's a pretty ambitious request. They got Victor Lebow, then went on to Buddhism
  • what do you do when the company act unethical
    another person with a real problem
  • land hidden above alaska
    let me know if you find it
  • preparation for porn
    I'm embarrassed to say What Do I Know showed up as #1 out of about 14 million hits for this one. They got something on Anchorage's Soapscum porn - theater production. I guess there aren't many posts that have "porn" and "preparation" in them together. By the way, that post has what used to be the most popular picture that people got through Google Images.
  • how do they get you brain out when your dead
    This got them to the post on Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. BTW, I was getting enough queries for a while about how the name came about, I added a bit at the top of the post guiding people to Siberart's comment explaining it.
  • "[Alaska Politician Name]" "[relative]" gay
    I hope this was a gay rights group just trying to make a connection, but rather doubt it
  • unethical to take lower bids (Commonwealth of Kentucky Dept. of Information Syst)
    It's usually unethical to take higher bids. They got to the post on whether it was ethical for legislators to get discounts at the Baranof Hotel
  • names of people for unclaimed money from chugach electric for year 1988
    My post on the Chugach list had links to get all the names. I hope they got some money. There were a few that were looking for that list.
  • people that are not famous and born on december 10 200
    The post on famous people born in 1908 is one of the most popular (after Victor Lebow), and people get there looking for all sorts of dates, but this is the first one looking for people who were NOT famous.
  • victor tile shop in jaipur
    Well, I have a post on Victor Lebow and another one about a shop in Jaipur (India). I think these folks got the shop, but not a tile shop.
  • what's the difference between english and french weather (London)
    The first four words got them to the post on the difference between a hurricanes, cyclone, typhoon, and tornado?.
  • palin's new ethics commissioner is a fraud
    Do we have an ethics commissioner?
  • i now how to do chinse staircase but i do not now how to start it
    I had to look this up. It appears that a Chinese staircase is a stitch for what I would have called a lanyard. At you can see one.
  • soap petrol tank
    This was a story about what I thought was a pretty obscure solution to a leaky gas tank. It never occurred to me that I'd have three or four people searching using these words.
And for those wondering what picture gets the most hits now, it's the Burmese dragon tattoo.


  1. turning wife over to sexual demonic powers...

    that sounds creepy.

    Are you coming to our office warming tomorrow at 5:00 p.m.? I hope you can!


  2. turning wife over to sexual demonic powers...

    That's what got me over here. Whooo baby!

  3. Can you tell us who the politician is who is linked with the gay relative? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

  4. I don't really care who the politican is or the gay relative. I was teasing you.

  5. With anonymous posts and no non-verbal cues, it's hard to tell who is joking. I didn't think it was a serious request, but thanks for the second post.


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