Friday, July 25, 2008

Salmon and Placinta

We had a great dinner with I, his parents, and grandmothers tonight. Unfortunately, I
is teething so there were a lot of tears interspersed with smiles and showing off his new vocabulary, all in Romanian. Being bi-lingual is a great advantage and they know he's going to be immersed in English soon, so his mom speaks to him just in her mother tongue as does the Grandma visiting now from Moldova.

But Mom's teeth must have been fine as you can see her smiling beautifully through the wine glass.

Grandma N made this placinta - it's filled with cheese and potatoes and kept calling me back.

And when we got home there was an email from Doug - it sounded like his flight to Frankfurt was ok.


  1. There was a radio talk about people who know more languages and many experts say that most of the people can speak 1 language on mother tongue level because your accent can change a bit.

    The food looks delicious especially placinta.

  2. Mom looks beautiful in the wine! Did you do that on purpose?

    Pretty baby-- very kissable, teething or not!


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