Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fishing at Costco

[Update July 6, 2010: I think I should add comment from foodchange based on a new Greenpeace Report this to this post. I've also done a new post on this. I realize that Costco may have something to say about this, so I urge you to check into this:

And while most U.S. supermarkets could stand to improve their sustainable seafood policies, Costco reigns as the biggest offender. Everything at Costco is huge—the same is true of the store's environmental footprint. Of the 22 IUCN Red List species, Costco sells 15: Alaskan pollock, Atlantic cod, Atlantic salmon, Atlantic sea scallops, Chilean sea bass, grouper, monkfish, ocean quahog, orange roughy, red snapper, redfish, South Atlantic albacore tuna, swordfish, tropical shrimp, and yellowfin tuna. The store's fish coolers really serve as a one-stop shop for oceanic destruction.]

While my blogging colleagues have been out dip netting and snagging on the Copper River and the Kenai, my wife and I had the more common Anchorage fishing adventure at Costco yesterday.

We passed on the crab legs and took home a bag of razor clams, since we'd never seen them packed like that before.

I ate way too much clam chowder last night.


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