Tuesday, July 15, 2008

AFD Investigates Peter's Sushi Fire

A friend who works on B Street told me lots of fire folks were checking out Peter's Sushi. So I adjusted my running loop to go by the burnt out restaurant. Here are some pics. As usual, double click on a picture to enlarge it.

This got me interested in the whole area of B St. near 40th and the adjacent Cuddy Family Park. I'll do more on that soon.


  1. You know, I never asked this question. I assumed I knew, but I don't think anyone ever told me. I'm guessing then:

    To find out if it was an accident or arson.

    If an accident, to learn how it started to see if there was negligence or to figure out ways to prevent future fires.

    If it was arson, then they would try to find who set the fire and there would be criminal charges.

    I'm sure there are also insurance consequences to the answers too.

  2. It's my understanding that an investigation is fairly routine to establish the cause of a fire, particularly in a case like this in which the cause is a total mystery.

    There was a lot of talk on the ADN message boards (isn't there always?) about it having been arson, and at least one person went on at some length about arson being "impossible" to detect and/or prove, but according to my dad, that isn't so. Fire investigators can tell when accelerants have been used to start a fire, both by the way in which the fire burned and by traces of accelerant left behind.

    I've always thought fire investigator would be a really fascinating job, but you have to go through the academy and actually be a firefighter first. Not my bag.


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