Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lazy Run

I took my camera on my run today. The end of November is not supposed to be so snowless. Yes, there's some snow left over, but not very much.

A - I don't know that this little lake has a name. I checked Google maps - that's why there is a map at the end - and it isn't even on that map. But then I checked for the Municipality of Anchorage Trail Maps and found a map with the trails on it. And tweaked that a bit.

This is a marshy area in the summer. B on the map.

From the bike trail bridge over Northern Lights Blvd, looking west.

And east. The bridge pictures are at C on the map.

One day I'll do a whole post on Lanie. She's a wonderful human being and was one of the people who got Anchorage's great bike trails started. This is at D on the map.

These last two pictures are at E on the map, where the bike trail comes right up on Goose Lake.

This is also at the lake at A on the map. I couldn't tell what kind of bird it was, sort of scoter like. Usually only see them in summer and they have somewhat different markings. Maybe Catherine or Dianne (who's on her way back from bird watching in Bhutan - now that's a serious birder!) can identify it. I'm experimenting with different download levels from iMovie. This was CDRom quality. Not very good I'm afraid.

Map from Anchorage Municipality Trail Page I've added the A-E letters and the bright blue lake at A. The yellow dashed trail is my run - just under 4 miles. By connecting the trails through the university and then the Lanie Fleischer trail (the dark green one - covered with the yellow dashes of my route) I get about half the run in the woods.


  1. Ah, Goose Lake!

    I have many, many, many fond memories from my youngest days there....

    The annual Easter Egg Hunt in the snow (my brother won a bunny rabbit one time and he, I and it got out picture in the newspaper!).

    Swimming in the summer, picnics, the playground.

    Good times. Thanks for dredging up the memories.


  2. Yes, Ropi, it's nice around here, and very different as the seasons change.

    Ish, We do live close to Goose Lake and the whole surroundings area is special. If you 'Search Blog' (upper left when you're scrolled to the top of the blog) for Goose Lake, you'll find some pictures that show a little more of the lake. Glad it woke up happy brain cells.


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