Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Guest Post or maybe ReQuest Post or maybe Prize Post

Tea N Crumpet left this comment:
This is today's (28 November 2007) 9 Chickweed Lane, one of the finest comics ever drawn. This would illustrate your blog and Alaska's corruption scandal very well!

I've never had a guest post before, or a request post, so, why not? (If it's too small to read, double click it and you can see a larger version)

OK, here it is. I've always liked the way the drawing is such an important part of this cartoonist's strip, but I must admit I don't totally get this one. But Tea is a regular and so she gets her request.

And I think Tea is hit 9,998, the closest to 10,000, so let's consider this post as one of her prizes. 10,003 has volunteered for dinner at Thai Kitchen if she (if I'm guessing right) is the winner. No reason why we can't have two winners.


  1. Hey-- I'll just be happy to sit in on one of your classes and listen to you talk.

    The author of this comic strip is always using it to make political jabs or jabs at society. He lives in either Florida or Vermont where greyhound racing is legal.

    Thanks for sharing this strip with everyone!


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