Saturday, November 24, 2007

Before "Before..."

To get to the movie yesterday (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead - and thanks to two commenters for explaining that the title comes from an Irish Toast, "May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead") we had to walk through the mall.

If this is a predictor of holiday shopping either lots of people joined the shopping boycott, people are becoming less materialistic, they were enjoying what was for some T-shirt weather (40s F), or the economy is down. Anyway, below is a brief visit to the mall on the way to the movie.

I did this quickly, but I played around with the 'billow' transitions, but decided not to take any more time last night to figure out why some were slow and others faster. I think the clips were too short. Also saved this at 'video' quality which means it takes up very little memory, but the visual quality is pretty degraded.


  1. Today I am going to the cinema with my friend to watch a movie called Good Luck Chuck. It is a romantic comedy. I don't know how I was convinced to go to a romantic movie. It seems I can't make right decisions after 10pm. I have written blog post after 10pm so were they senseless?


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