Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rabbi Michael Oblath's Debut

We were out of town last spring when he first came to Anchorage, so this was our first chance to see and hear him. First impressions are tricky. What can I say? Reassuring. Experienced, a good clear voice, a comfortable manner. He joked about being nervous at one point, but it certainly didn't show. His sermon - and that word doesn't quite convey it - was a sharing of his understanding of the term "an eye for an eye." It was not, as I understood what he said, the cold retributive sentiment that it's so often interpreted to be. The context is what is important. This is the sentence for someone who falsely accuses another. What the other is accused of, this should be the fate of the false accuser. Or so I understood. I think this is going to be good. He let me take his picture as he was leaving. As usual, no flash.

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