Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Alaska Railroad Video Using Viddler

Yesterday when we got back to the car parked at Indian, we went down to the beach. Just after we got there, a train went by, but I had just enough time to find a good rock tripod for the camera. And then I discovered an alternative to YouTube called Viddler. You'll notice that not only is the video quality significantly better (and judging from other Viddler videos, if I had saved it as higher quality it would be better), but there are some neat features. You can leave comments at specific places in the video for example. Place the cursor on the top edge of the video to see all the options.

The train was at 4:15pm. A short passenger train that we assume

We assumed that this train was headed for Whittier or possibly Seward. So I thought I'd be really clever and check the Alaska Railroad schedule and tell you exactly. The train passed Indian at 4:15 pm or so. The Seward bound trains leave Anchorage at 6:45am and arrives in Seward at 11:05am. So that can't be it. So let's check the Whitter Schedule and we get:

Departure Information:
10:00 AM depart Anchorage Depot, arrive Whittier 12:20 PM

So I guess this is the mystery train running on its own schedule. Or is this one of those trains that goes from the Bill Sheffield Depot at the airport and is only for cruise passengers?

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