Friday, August 10, 2007

Not All Democratic Congresspeople Caved

Thank you Representative Lee for saying what needs to be said.


  1. I think she was agreeing with me! Was she?

  2. Well, she did say they passed a bill allowing listening to foreigners talking to foreigners and she's ok with that. I didn't catch that last night when I heard it. She's arguing that Americans shouldn't have any more of our liberties taken away.

    I don't personally make distinctions between Americans and non-Americans when it comes to human rights, so that does still bother me. But I leave it to the rest of the world to stand up to this administration until we can elect a new president.

  3. I was not sure, a bit of an eejit (stupid.. see you are learning my lingo) me!

    So it's okay for the rest off the world to have their liberties taken away by the US,? so long as their liberties are left intact?

    You have not been a reader of mine long enough to know that I say (perhaps on my old blog or the one before that)that Americans because their country is so large! Do not know or understand what and why the rest of the world have a rather dime view off them at times, their politicians not the people.

    As you know Achick took umbrage to what I said on this issue.

    But in general the population are great people in my view! Just not so understanding of what and why the rest of the world think of them on occasion, due to the size of the country.

    I'll stop now

  4. I sounded eejit out and figured it meant 'idiot'.

    But you do forgot that there are those of us who have lived overseas and don't think that way.

    And that

    "The foreign-born population of the United States exceeded 33 million in 2002, slightly more than the entire population of Canada, according to the U.S. Census Bureau's latest American Community Survey (ACS).

    Of the total U.S. population, 11.8 percent were foreign-born and accounted for 44 percent of the nation's population growth in 2002. A majority of the foreign-born residents live in four states: California (28 percent), New York (11.8 percent), Texas (9.8 percent) and Florida (8.9 percent)."


    And they still often have connections to the old country. But Achick does represent a fair number of people.

  5. Oh I know a large number off American don't think that way including you! I would reckon the ones that do are definitely the minority.


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