Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Keeping Repaired

Spending time lately on repairs.   

Our furnace had a new problem and was leaking.   From the blue tank.  One guy came out Saturday to help dry up the floor and another guy came Monday to put the new release tank on.

My watch band broke and I bought a new band.  But I couldn't manage, even with a small screw driver, to release the spring bars that hole the band to the watch.  So I looked online to see how much the right tool would cost.  It wasn't much - under $5.  Shipping bumped it up over $10. 

Digital watches can be pretty inexpensive, but it just seems silly to have to buy a new one because the band breaks.  It was so easy to fix with this baby.  

My van's battery was dead when we got home after sitting at our neighbors for almost
three months.  When the ice that held the rear driver's side tire tightly to the ground melted, we jumped it, I drove it, and parked it.  And a few days later it was dead again.  So, with summer coming up I scheduled a service for the whole van and today we jumped it again and took it in to be serviced.  I'm hoping to get some pre-bus Denali time in. 

And the cold I'd fought down in LA, had lingered and flared up again.  (Didn't want to be too graphic, so took this picture which I kind of like, but not sure how many people can figure it out.)

Dr. Schwartz, my incredible doctor for probably 30 years, maybe a few more even, retired last summer.  I've been thinking I should meet the new doc before I really needed him.  Wanted him to know who I was.  And let him know how much Dr. S spoiled me.  He'd already heard that from every other patient he'd inherited.  Well, he thought I could heal without taking anything - my preference anyway - and so I have to start working harder to get rid of this thing.  I asked to take a picture so I could remember what he looked like - that part of my brain that remembers faces is also in need of repair - and I promised not to post it, so I've photoshopped it. 

And, finally, if I were still in my 20's maybe these jeans would be ok like this.  But I think that's pushing things for a geezer.  But they were really comfortable. 

It turns out there are lots and lots of videos online that show ways to patch holes like this. 
The one I first found used a spray adhesive and an iron.  J took over this project and ended up with a liquid adhesive.  These jeans have years left in them now. 

There's more stuff that needs repairing or uncluttering or just doing which is making blogging harder - unless I blog about things like this. 


  1. Steve, sounds like your cold is much the same as one here in London: it flares up and subsides after 2-3 weeks and then comes back in a slightly different form only to inhabit one's body for weeks to come.

    I think the cold virus is finally getting close to becoming the perfect viral cohabitant of the human body. It doesn't cause too much disruption initially keeping fever temps quite low and then holds out for weeks with minor ebbs and flows confusing the host that it's really over it. Almost getting to be the perfect disease organisms they really should try to be about. It's so much trouble to go to the bother of reinfecting another host when it can just set up house instead.

    On the jeans, maybe you can attach another patch that has a trending environmental group on it and you'll be just fine.

  2. echinacea with goldenseal and Zicam are amazingly helpful. Like all teachers, I work in a petrie dish teeming with all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Good luck.

  3. Re the van: dunno if it needs much else, but if the battery froze while it didn't have a decent charge, it's toast. I expect that replacing the battery and an oil change will fix about 95% of what's wrong with the car.

    If you leave next winter for an extended period of time and you store the car anywhere unheated, you'll have more battery life if you remove the battery and store it inside at room temperature.

  4. Jacob and WakeUp, My new doc said he thought the Anchorage spring dust was a big part of it and didn't think I needed to take anything. He was willing to wager a significant sum that it wouldn't get worse. (Maybe that's a new model of medicine, I kind of like it.)
    My old belief that being overly clean isn't healthy has found some back up in recent science experiments. So being exposed to lots of stuff helps your immunity. If it doesn't kill you first I guess.
    Harpboy - right you are. One new battery. Taking the battery in sounds like such an obvious solution. Of course, that means I have to figure out how to remove the battery. I know - google it. I'm all for learning new things, but there's a limit and the modern world is pushing those limits.


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