Friday, May 10, 2013

How Things Used To Be - Great Service At Speedy Glass

I've had a number of encounters with businesses large and small that were not particularly customer friendly.  (That's Steve-talk for bad service and overpriced.)  So I was in for a pleasant surprise Friday at Speedy Glass at Fireweed and Arctic.

The rear window brake light on the back window of my car had gotten knocked off a while ago when we put some furniture into the car.  It's been that way much too long now.  I tried to fix it myself.  Got some glue for glass, but it took too long to dry and I couldn't hold it against the glass long enough.  And even using duct tape, I couldn't hold it down tight enough.  It would very slowly slide down.

So, Friday I finally got over to a place that does auto glass things.  I'd looked in the phone book and picked Speedy Glass.  I walked in.  Told Eric what I needed.  He came out and looked at the car.  Said, be right back.  Came back with a spray to loosen the old adhesive I'd used. Scraped it off with a razor blade.  Then he had his own adhesive - fast dry he said - and sprayed it.  In less than ten minutes it was back up and sticking.  I asked him what I owed.  He just looked at me, waved his hand, and dismissed my question.  Nothing.

It's about nine hours later and it's still up and fine. 

Businesses used to do things like that regularly.  If it didn't take long and wasn't a big deal, they just smiled and said, glad I could help.  It was exactly what I needed today.

You know where I'm going if I need anything to do with glass in the future.

Just looked them up to make sure I got the name right.  It seems my experience wasn't unusual.  Here are two google reviews I found:
"Best Speedy location ever! Eric is a very helpful manager, the work is finished quickly. Can't beat the prices. The customer service is the best! #1 recommended location for glass needs."
"If I could put another star I would. Especially considering what a asswipe at the 5th avenue location treated me, (no back in jan 2012) Eric &club Brian took the issue, resolved it with no questions asked, and did a phenomenal job. From Carmen in the front, always so inviting and was very quick to get me a appointment the next day after coming in. I can speak alllllll day about these guys. Everyone was so chill. And they even called me back to make sure they vacuumed out the back. Thanks a million team."


  1. I started to think on this. Started to write. Deleted it.

    Blogs are strange places, aren't they? Always an invitation to the dance, but no place to hit the boards with a partner.

    Yes, social media gets things going at times, but it just doesn't deliver social space. It may even lead toward isolation, as walking down a crowded street can disconnect us from one another.

    Off topic, as they say. Oh, well. My two pence.

  2. Jacob, I've been holding off responding to your previous comment - about not doing the cryptoquote - because it seemed that perhaps it required a less public forum. I would note that I did reread what I'd written carefully. I don't see any judgment in my words. I was merely observing that most readers wouldn't do the cryptoquote. I didn't say - trying to not be too wordy - that everyone is busy and has other things to do besides stop and work out the puzzle.

    When I started this blog, I never associated it with 'social media.' And I questioned that categorization when Steve Heimel had me on Talk of Alaska to talk about social media. But I have met a number of folks through this blog - either because the blog gives me some liberty to talk to people I meet as a blogger or because of comments or emails responding to posts.

    And you and I are probably in better communication these days than we would be without the blog.

    So I guess, in response to your musings, I'd say the blog adds another medium through which people can connect. it doesn't make the venues obsolete. The ability to keep connected to so many people world wide does cause me to ponder how many people can one person actually 'know'? Would I be better off spending more time with a fewer number of friends than having my attention scattered over such a wide array of acquaintances?

    I think I know the answer - it's self discipline to make the tools available work for us and not be seduced by the trivia. But that's easier said than done.

    Perhaps my inclination to take the discussion 'off the air" reflects my instincts to have more, deeper contact with fewer people.


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