Saturday, May 04, 2013

Global Weirdness, First Person Shooter Games, Irish Traditional Music, And More New Books

I picked up some books at the UAA library and couldn't help but check out the new books on display.  Here's a sampling.  If the title didn't seem obvious I've added some the publisher's description (trying to leave out the hype) so you get an inkling of what the book is about.

text from here

“‘First person shooters’ are one of the most fundamental and important videogame genres. Many critiques of this type of game have been put forth by those with little experience of actual game play. Voorhees, Call, and Whitlock include here essays that explore the gengre [sic] in specific and useful detail from the perspective of the expert player. The essays are nuanced, carefully researched and supported critiques of specific aspects of first-person shooters. James Manning’s analysis of the heads-up display in Team Fortress 2 and Gwyneth Peaty’s discussion of the permability of avatar bodies in Bioshock are especially strong. Summing Up: Recommended. All Readers.” – E. Bertozzi, Long Island University, CHOICE
This is a huge book.

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