Saturday, May 12, 2012

Petoskey Project - Reading of New Play - Sydney Laurence - Tonight 7:30pm Free

So if you're still wondering what to do on this grey and chilly Saturday evening, let me offer some options.  

Long time friend and participant, Richard Benavides, recommends in the Petoskey Project.  I know nothing else about it, but I really like the poster.
It's free, as you can see, but you can donate to Alzheimer's Resources of Alaska.

[UPDATE:  Here's an audio YouTube interview with Ann Reddig and David Haynes about the Petoskey Project from KONR (106.1fm).  I just listened to enough to know it was about this play.  I prefer to be surprised.]


Out North shows The Brits and their Telly - award winning British television commercials.  In past years this was a collection of quirky, mostly funny, and original ads.  Last year I was put off by the number of McDonald's and other international corporate ads in the collection.  But I decided to give it another try last night, which was better than last year.  But there were several packages of ads that looked like they were put together by an advertising firm that described the whole advertising campaign.  Perhaps if they had really described the campaign instead of making a slick short that was basically promoting their products I'd have been more interested.  I would say the whole evening for me was worth it just to see a very neat public service ad that was made up of  animated graffiti people walking along walls.  7pm tonight and again next Friday and Saturday.

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