Thursday, April 05, 2012

Redistricting Board Formally Adopts New Proclamation Plan and Backup Plan

I'll try to get back here and write up a summary, but I fooled around too long and now I don't have enough time.  Basically the adopted the plan they approved Saturday, which the staff cleaned up and prepared the metes and bounds for.  They also approved a back up plan - one that is basically the previous plan with the Fairbanks districts 1 and 2 adjusted to be constitutional.

All the documentation is up on line (well, not all, individual district maps are coming soon) so you can look there.  Below are my rough notes from today's meeting.

From the board's website:


- Amended Proclamation Fairbanks Map
- Amended Proclamation Kenai Map
- Amended Proclamation Southeast Map
- Interim Statewide Map
- Interim Fairbanks Map

Remember, the notes below are very rough.  There's a long gap where the attorney, Michael White goes over the time line.  There's a gap because I videotaped that and I'll put it up when I get it done.  Sorry it's not ready now.  And there are still some loose ends, but I think they come out in the notes below.

Alaska Redistricting Board April 5 Meeting

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  1. Wow, thanks for the info. I cannot believe they are actually going to end up doing this.


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