Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Kids Know What They're Doing

When I stopped by the museum last week I also got to see the Anchorage School District's Annual Student Art Show. These kids have good imagination, good eye, and good execution. Unfortunately, I just see that it ended today. From the Museum's program of exhibits:
“Art Makes Anchorage: 40th Annual Anchorage School District Art Exhibition” On view March 2 through April 1 The 40th annual Anchorage School District exhibition showcases artwork from the district’s most creative student artists. The exhibition gives kindergarten through high school students the rare opportunity to display their art in a museum. Works are chosen by teachers and include drawings, paintings, and sculpture.

As I went through the exhibit I shot a few that really grabbed my eyes.  Lucas (the otter above), sorry, my picture was too blurred to catch your whole name.  Email me and I'll put it up.  I was going to go back, but then I saw it was over today.   Wow!  That walrus face!  And Aaron's fish are amazing.  They're even better close up.  And he's only in the second grade. 

OK.  I'm partial to bikes, but it takes daring for a 6th grader to cut off the front and back and bottom.  But it makes a great picture.  And look at how Katherine put the art supplies together on the page.  Look at the detail of her background. 

Both of these above are exceptional.  The top one (Chris Maron - sorry it font was too small) is grade 3, but look at the design and how it isn't constrained by the borders or the normal vertical and horizontal.  And Cheyenne's colors and designs are wonderful. 

Jaz' birch trees are terrific.  Steven Gordon, watch out!  I'm joking.  Art shouldn't be a competitive sport.  I bet Steven and Jaz would get along great.  And look how Paige carries off her abstract mountains.  They are all wonderful.

Art is NOT fluff.  It's not a subject that can be discarded as a luxury.  Aside from jobs in art and theater, every car, every package, every advertisement, every building, every iProduct, is better because an artist participated. 

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