Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SFO Free Wifi, Air Museum, Coffee Cups

We got to the airport early yesterday and had time to get some walking in and explore.  There's an air museum with bits of air history like these models.

They caught my attention because friends I met live on Treasure Island - linked by the Bay Bridge - and they said the old PanAm clippers flew from the bay on Treasure Island.

Elsewhere there were displays of all sorts of things, but these old airline serving sets brought home how bad airline service has gotten. 

Only the top photo cups were used in coach class, but still, that's better than a paper cup and maybe some crunchy synfood.

double click to enlarge

And I was pleasantly surprised that I could get free wifi - well, the cost was 30 seconds filling out a survey (there were other choices like looking at ads) - and they had these nice computer desks right at the gate and lots of easy to find outlets. 

And while on the subject of airport changes I noticed in Portland and then again at American in LA a new seating configuration which I liked.  Seats were jumbled up a bit instead of straight rows.


  1. Airport seating is driven by a desire to prohibit sleeping, hence the dearth of more 'sleeping appropriate' bench type seating arrangements in today's airports.

    Their motive isn't driven by a desire to create a more friendly or conversational passenger environment, it's to prevent passengers with long layovers from sleeping.

  2. My aesthetic sense trumped my cynical sense here I guess. Is this your interpretation or do you have other reasons to believe this? It means to me that people will just move to the floor. Is that better? Or will that be prohibited too? If they won't let sleep in the terminal, maybe we can get airlines to pay for hotel rooms again. Thanks Anon.


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