Sunday, December 05, 2010

AIFF 2010: Oğulcan Kirca - World Premier Outside Turkey Today in Anchorage

Before you start reading this go to the Last Station (Son Istasyon) website.  Just click on the link, let it open, and the music from the film will play as you read this to get you ready for watching today - SUNDAY Dec. 5, at 5:30pm at the Bear Tooth. Besides, the website is very well done.

The showing is the world premiere outside of Turkey, so I hope that the Bear Tooth will be packed. So far I've seen a Canadian film, two American films, an Estonian film, and today this premiere of a Turkish film.

I met the director (and writer) and his brother Saturday night - actually I think it was already Sunday. Their father is a famous Turkish actor - Levent Kirca - and he's the star of the film. Oğulcan said it was 'amazing' to be able to direct his father in his (Oğulcan's) first feature film. But he and his brother pretty much grew up backstage. When they return to Turkey in a few days, they'll stop in New York to visit their sister who is at Julliard studying acting.

The video is really noisy. It also includes a Turkish portion which is then translated by Oğulcan's brother. Enjoy the sounds of Turkish. Sorry for the sound, but you should look at a bit of it to see
these brothers.

There's just this one showing scheduled. Last Station is in competition, so if its in the top two or three of the features it might be shown in Best of the Fest Dec. 13-16.)

I do have an earlier post on this film.

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