Tuesday, November 30, 2010

AIFF 2010: Features in Competition - Son Istasyon (Last Station)

Here's what's up already on the Features in Competition:

This one could be good. It only plays once and the film maker is scheduled to be there. At the very least it will give a glimpse into life in Turkey.

From Son Istasyon website
There's not much online about this film. Here's a google translation from a Turkish site Sinemaloji (the IMBD summary is similar, but this has more charm.)
SUBJECT: A railway officer, played by famous comedian Levent Kirca movie passes between trains. Warm and engaging story of remarkable production for a long time erased memories of the last station striking scenes and surprises the audience may be film-quality shows of the year.  Three children, played by Levent Kirca Ruhi railway officer and his family installed in telling the story of sadness and humor, drawing a realistic panorama of Turkey.
Ruhi is a small station in the country a memurdur counting his retirement days.  Retired roof of a house not flow away in a peaceful way to spend your life in the most recent  big dream.  But the daughter and youngest son of Esra Önder like to live better understood, and there is an innocent wishes. Their dreams of the innocent, the whole family at a time leads to Istanbul. Ruhi coming to Istanbul with his mother, his wife and is no longer anyone's control of events is no longer growing.
When you go to the  Son Istasyon website you hear a snippet of their theme music.  I had it on while I was checking up on the various Features in Competition and even though it looped after a minute or two, I really got into it.  They also have the trailer on the website - they've disabled the embed code, so I can't add it here.

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