Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Beach, Sun, Snow, Canals, But It's Not Warm

I'm not complaining.  The sun's out, I'm in shorts, but I did wear a fleece jacket for my bike ride this morning.  I'm guessing it's in the 50s (F) with low for tonight around 41˚, but as you can see, it is beautiful.

Here's Santa Monica Bay with the Santa Monica Mountains in the background, Venice in the foreground.  I'm near the Marina Del Ray breakwater.

Here are three pictures glued together crudely with photoshop to show the whole bay and the edge of the breakwater on the far left. 

From the here I could see the mountains to the east of LA over the Marina Del Rey.  I think - but I'm not sure - the biggest one is Mt. Baldy.

And then I biked back past the Venice canals.  This one had pelicans and grebes and an egret.  I must say the grebes' winter plumage is pretty dull.  For the Southern California folks who said they'd never been to the old zoo, I have to admit that I don't remember when I was last at these canals.  I've always known they were here, and I know I've seen them, but they just are a little out of normal range, even though they are close.  And today was a spectacular day. 

Tonight we're off to dinner with our son and his fiancé and to meet her parents for the first time.


  1. That snow on the mountains shot never gets old. Enjoy your stay in So Cal.

  2. Are the canals clean?

    Not that you need it, but I wish you the best on meeting your son's future in-laws.


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