Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Venice Beach, Sun, Snow

Monday, in deference to my still (but not as) sore ribs, I biked instead of jogging to Venice Beach.  It was a clear day by LA standards - you can see Catalina off in the distance.  I know for you Anchorage readers, those vague outlines 26 miles away are a joke.  You see Denali 150 miles away more clearly.  But, this is LA.

I also passed the Kush doctor's place and was surprised to see it was now for lease.  I've been looking online to see what happened to it.  Here's the best I could find from Yelp last June:

Pomona, CA
October 2009
I am SO GLAD this place got shut down.  I moved to Santa Monica and was looking into investment opportunities when I decided to get a job at one of the places to see how it works from the inside.  They wanted me to hold a sign and SCREAM at tourists to "get legal", except when the cops pass by and then we were to stand back.  What a terrible job!  The two men that run this joint (ran, I should say, I heard Sean was going to jail, where he belongs!) are the BIGGEST DOUCHE-BAGS ON VENICE BEACH!  Sean is the worst.  He screamed at me several times, in front of potential customers and made himself look more like an idiot than a businessman.  Needless to say, I got stiffed my last paycheck and my attempts to collect on a measly $50 (just to make a point) was unsuccessful.  I did manage to make friends there, the staff was really cool and in this economy they figured a job is a job. I got my wages back in medicine so I felt vindicated.  I hope Sean, the ugly tattooed short idiot is really going to jail.  That is where both of them, Andrew AND Sean belong!!

 Most of the other Yelp comments weren't too complimentary either.

I stopped by the skate plaza too.  They seem to have adopted some safety protocols since it opened in October 2009.  At least while I was there, only one person was going in the near run at a time.  Or at least they were trying to.  Note how clear the Santa Monica Mountains are in the background.

By Tuesday when we rode back down to catch some chilly rays, the Santa Monica Mountains were barely visible in the clouds and Catalina had evaporated completely.

Back to Monday, you could see snow on the top of the San Gabriel Mountains in the distance.  They get up to 10,000 feet.

It was raining this morning (Wednesday), but by afternoon it had cleared up.


  1. Love Venice Beach, but I haven't been there for many years. Thanks for the memories! Now I hang out in the Upper Mojave Desert. I would rather be at the beach! :-(

  2. I just went to Venice Beach last month. Had a great time.


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