Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Clutter Wars - Let's Paint

J has wanted a new downstairs carpet forever and with guests coming this summer, it's forever has a date.  But if you put down a new carpet, you have to paint first.  She told me it was a law of nature.  The good news is that we had to take out everything that was in the open.  So now my back room is full again as is the room we misleadingly call the greenhouse.

But while I've been blogging about the film festival (I've changed the banner back to What Do I Know? even though we still have a couple more days of Best of the Fest), J has been painting.  (I did a little bit of the cleaning out, taping, and 15 minutes of painting a high tight spot, but some things couples aren't meant to do together.)  She claims to like painting and who am I to disagree? 

It really looks much better, even with things still wrapped up.  We have decisions though now.   Probably time to have a new look.  A more comfortable sofa bed for guests.  Get rid of the stuff that we moved out.  

 The fake brick wall that leaves an air space behind the wood stove looks much better painted white.

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