Friday, December 10, 2010

AIFF 2010: Full Disclosure, Full Disclosure, Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure - For US citizens, this is probably the most important film at the festival as well as one of the best.  (It's in competition for best documentary.) Brian Palmer was embedded in Iraq three times with the same Marine unit.  The footage is raw, the camera rolling as things happen.  No mediating local anchors to summarize it in the chirpy dialect of American broadcast news.  The words of the marines themselves - the fucks not bleeped out - as they talk about their best and worst days (most couldn't name a best day), as you go on patrol, as you (I slipped into 'you' instead of 'they' because it feels like you are there) as you smash your way into an Iraqi home to interrogate the owner, because his neighbor said he's helping the insurgents.  I spoke to a wife and mother of men who'd been in Iraq and she said she couldn't watch the whole thing.  It was too real and painful.     

7pm at Out North Tonight  - Below is a video of Brian briefly talking about the film (he's right after Greg at 22 seconds):

It's possible it will be too crowded for everyone get in.  But that's ok because it will send a message to the programmers that movies like this need to be in the Bear Tooth where there's more room. (And there are other good movies to see at Out North - see below.) The Festival programmers don't want to turn away viewers, but they have a bias for putting the features at Bear Tooth and documentaries in Out North.  For the most part, that strategy is right.  But a big crowd tonight will help get Full Disclosure in Best of the Fest next week and onto the big screen at the Bear Tooth where it belongs.

Brian Palmer, the film maker and narrator of the film will be there to respond to questions.

And, if you can't get in, there are two interesting sounding movies at 7:45pm at the Bear ToothOut North:

The Informed Prisoner (8 minutes)
  She has worked her way up the corporate ladder and is close to becoming partner in the firm. However, there is one thing that is standing in the way of Kathy reaching her life long goal: Amir Mustafa. Amir,currently being held in a federal prison on charges that he attempted to detonate a bomb in an airport, will be the last client Kathy will need to represent before having her partnership.

Stolen (78 min)
.   - Australian-based filmmakers Violeta Ayala and Dan Fallshaw originally set out to make a documentary about an under-reported land dispute in Northern Africa. Once they started shooting, however, they gradually stumbled on a story about modern slavery that has become hugely controversial.
Or you can still get to the Bear Tooth for Karma Calling.

Plus, the other movie playing with Full Disclosure is:
  • She Wore Silver Wings - This movie (also in competition for best documentary) is about women who piloted fighter planes in WWII because there was a shortage of trained male pilots.  25,000 applied, 1000 were selected. I haven't seen this but heard an enthusiastic report from someone who did.  Plays with Full Disclosre at 7pm at Out North.

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