Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why Do Haiku?

Haiku Structure

The first line five beats
The second line seven beats
The third five again.

The Basics

One two three four five
One two three four five six sev
One two three four five

Why Do Haiku?

Haiku forces me
To eliminate all but
The bare essentials.

Haiku Content

Japanese haiku
Has reference to seasons at
End of the second line.

About Rules

In English Haiku
Rules need not be so strict, read

Bad Haiku

After reading Welch
I almost hit the delete
Sorry Mister Welch.

[Update June 15:  The next post follows up on this one.] 


  1. I really dig you
    You are a literate stud
    I come here often

  2. Mr. Welch invites you to read "Becoming a Haiku Poet" at And do also check out "What Is a Haiku - And What Isn't" (by John Dunphy) at



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