Saturday, June 26, 2010

"16 bull noses and one pork chop"

I went to a hearing on fixing Tudor and Lake Otis a while back and signed up for their email updates.  This one came today:

The intersection is closed for the weekend!

 Earth Stone, the concrete sub contractor, is scheduled to install about 3000ft. of median curbs, 16 bull noses and one pork chop over the weekend.  Arctic Electric will install mast arms with new signal heads.  The traffic signals will still be operated by the temporary signals.  QAP will be paving asphalt pathways and the pipe crew will be installing the Oil and Grit Separator System on the south of Lake Otis.  Once the intersection opens up on Monday, the traffic will be divided by the medians in all four directions and all four corners will have free right turns.

As usual, all business accesses are open.  Please stop and talk to the flaggers for direction.

St. Mary Church access will be maintained thru Lake Otis South and Tudor West.  Chris and Lori’s wedding traffic can use both entrances on Saturday.

Use Elmore or Tudor East to access businesses on Tudor East (Sutton’s Green House, Diamond Animal Clinic, Frontier Plaza mall, Tudor Med Plaza, KFC and the Subway…)

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please contact me for any questions or concerns.

Have a great weekend!

Chong M. Kim, P.E.
Project Engineer
AK DOT/PF Construction
Office: (907) 646-2300
   Cell: (907) 244-8521
   Fax: (907) 646-2332

From trafficsafetyindia we learn that:
Frontier Bullnose crash barriers have proved their ability on the harsh Indian highways and internal city roads. They have excellent night time visibility. When crashed into, the water inside takes the impact of the vehicle thereby acting as a life saver.[There's a lot more information on the site.]

And from the California Metropolitan Transportation Commission:

Pork Chop Islands are triangular islands placed adjacent to free-right turn lanes.  They separate right-turning vehicles from through lanes and they provide a refuge for pedestrians to cross the free-right lane before crossing the through lanes. 

There were three pictures of "pedestrian refuge islands" the pork chop being a type of PRI.  I'm not sure this is a pork chop since none of the pictures were labeled as such, but this one looks a bit like Juneau.  This California site had lots of information including advantages and disadvantages and costs.

I guess by Monday we can go see for ourselves 16 bull noses and one pork chop.

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  1. It *is* Juneau. The corner of Seward and Marine Way, between City Hall & the Sealaska Building. The building in the distance is the Goldbelt Hotel.


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