Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Seeing Things Differently - The Bean (Cloud) at Millenium Park in Chicago

The most basic theme of this blog is how do we know what we know?  I try to look at things from a different angle or make connections among seemingly disparate topics or otherwise question conventional wisdom.  I'm not always that successful.       

But this video seemed to fit into this.  I already did a post on the Bean (officially it seems to be the Cloud [Gate - thanks Anon], but my friends called it the bean), but those were all still pictures.  When I was there I walked under it with my video going.  It's pretty lame video technically, but it gives you a bit more sense of the sculpture which distorts the world we as we know it and caused me to think about things a bit differently.


  1. Actually, it's called Cloud Gate. The optics are pretty awesome. I live in Chicago and like to just stand under it and figure out how many of me there are.


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