Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Freshly Baked Bread

I finally baked the first loaves of breads since we got back. The bakeries in Germany were incredible. Beautiful loaves of wonderful fresh breads.

  Many had lots of seeds on the crusts. In Juneau we didn't have our bread maker so I made breads from scratch. I like that and I learned I could leave dough in the fridge overnight. A useful trick to know.

But here I can do the first round of kneading and rising in the bread maker, set it so it will be ready when I get up in the morning, and then do the second round of kneading by hand. That also let me add seeds to the crust. Mine tend to fall off. But this time I wet the dough and pressed the seeds into the dough before sticking it into the oven.

A friend is coming over for lunch today and to help me set up a new website.  It's good to have incentives to get me to do something like bake the bread.  And now I have to clean up a bit. 


  1. I must add as I was the friend that visited, it was mighty tasty. DZ

  2. Well in Europe, bakery has traditions.


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