Tuesday, July 10, 2007

80s in Seattle

Flew to Seattle today to see my son before he leaves for the year in Singapore.

There were two seats empty next to me, so this young woman switched seats, and took them both, without even a good morning or do you mind?

Took the express bus into town and walked over to Joel`s place. It's very warm here, but the sky is also very blue.


  1. Hey Steve,

    it seems that there is really something specical done on my email. and it seems that i have became somebody!

    i really don't know why they check my email.
    Did i do any thing which influenced the Chinese Politics? that is unimaginable!!!

    i try to email you with yahoo mailbox, the last sentence is "Do you have lotus in Alska"?

    if you can read the complete,please let me know>

    Glad to receive your email. Congratulations on your son’s success for getting the master degree.
    I stayed at home from last Thursday to yesterday for a temporary rest. After May Day, I have been working over-over-time for the Preliminary Assessment. I always got up at 5:30 and went to work before 6:00, but went home after 22:00. The Preliminary Assessment last for 4 days, ended on the last Thursday. So we seven of new office left for rest. I have told you about that the Assessment from the National Department of Education. It will be in November. So we still have many things to do.

    I couldn’t get on your blog for over a month, and I didn’t spare time to email you about that. I searched about that on the web and find some webs which offer Proxy Sever, by which I get on your blog at last. So the block really exists. The www-dot-wikipedia-dot-com has been blocked. And there are many comments on the internet about the block.
    I don’t understand who want to know whether I do something special, and I am ok. We will talk more about that.
    On Saturday, I went to LiuYin Park with my wife and my mother-in-law. The lotus are blooming, very beautiful, you can see some pictures on my blog.
    Do you have lotus in Alaska ?
    Best wishes!

    Puzzled Frank

  2. Joel... Alaska... I'm tempted to mention Northern Exp***** tempted but I won't.

    Some people are awfully rude and just take things for-granted, being polite does not cost anything.

    More great pix.


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