Monday, March 30, 2020

Alaska COVID-19 Count Monday March 30, 2020 - New Cases = 5, New Deaths =0, New Hospitalizations =0

My Calendar chart of new cases:


12th  = 0/013th = 1/114th = 0/115th = 0/1
16th = 0/117th = 2/318th = 3/619th = 3/920th = 3/1221st= 2/1422nd= 8/22
23rd=14/3624th =6/42
1 hos 1 dead
25th = 17/59
3 hos 1 dead
26th = 10/69
3 hos 1 dead
27th =16/89
5 hos 2 dead
28th = 13/102
6 hos 2 dead
6 hos  3 dead
30th= 5/119
6 hos  3 dead

We had the fewest new cases since March 21.  That's good.  Though we also had fewer new tests (59).  It would be nice if we could start leveling off and having fewer new positive cases.  But I'm not holding my breath.  Not yet.

State Charts

While I've been complaining about the lack of numbers, they've been down there in that line right above.  But since I've been getting screenshots, that link doesn't work.  So I checked it today and it downloads a table with all from March  to the present that looks like this (not enough room to put the whole thing, but if you're interested you can go to the link below.

ASPHL is Alaska State Public Health Lab

And here's my chart, updated for today.  And with the link above, I was able to get exact numbers to correct what I had for March 26.  

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