Sunday, June 11, 2017

Why I Live Here: Power Line Pass Is 20 Minutes From Home

We needed to get some fresh air and the nearest spectacular spot is Powerline Pass.  Here are a few more photos.

  The grass is about 30 inches high.

I think these are thimble berries flowers.

And tiny cones on the hemlock trees.  One sign of global warming is how high the hemlocks on the trail near the parking lot have grown.  When we came almost 40 years ago, they were severely stunted at this altitude (about 2200 feet), but they've grown considerably higher since we got here.  They were (for those of you thinking, 'well trees grow') already old trees when we got here.

The Glen Alps parking lot is also the starting point to Flattop, generally known as the most climbed mountain in Alaska.  It's 3,510 feet high, 1280 feet above the parking lot.

We chose walk a more level path to Powerline Pass.

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