Friday, June 02, 2017

The American Apology T-Shirt

Back in 2003, during the W. administration, my son went to work in Denmark for a year.  As a way to  let Europeans know about his feelings for the then US president, he created the American Apology T-Shirt on CafePress.

On one side it said, "I'm sorry my president is an idiot.  I didn't vote for him" in the official languages of the United States [Nations] [thanks Kathy].  On the other side it said, "American Traveler International Apology Shirt" also in the various languages.

He'd made this for himself and sales were low.  He wasn't trying to make money, just get himself a few T-shirt.  But one day and anti-Muslim website posted a story about the t-shirt calling it traitorous and soon it was one of the top subjects on the internet for a few days.  Sales shot up.  And he wound up with $10,000 half of which went to Doctors Without Borders.

Well, lately there's been an uptick in sales again.  (And also some copy cat versions have shown up.)
In any case, travelers who wants to let the rest of the world know where they stand,   can go to CafePress.    (There are a lot of different versions and colors.  And all the profit this time goes to Doctors Without Borders.)


  1. we have "official languages" in the U.S.????

  2. Whoops, I meant United Nations. Thanks for catching that.


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