Friday, June 09, 2017

Enjoying And Sharing Our Summer Room With Steller Jay

It's summer enough that we are using the deck a lot now.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, if it's not raining or too cold, we're out there in this great room.  And the birds get pretty close too.  Black capped chickadees, nuthatches, and particularly the Steller Jays.

I was finishing the newspaper the other day when two Steller Jays showed up eyeing the peanuts I
was eating.  I like peanuts in the shell because I can't eat them as fast as shelled peanuts.  I have to open them first and there are only two inside.  You get the point.

I had the peanuts on a plate and a bowl to put the shells.  Some shells had fallen to the floor.  The birds were calculating whether it was safe to hop down to the table with me sitting there.  I covered the plate of peanuts with the newspaper and went inside to get my camera.

And one of the jays struck.  Below is the video.

Here's dinner a couple of nights ago.  When we bought this house, aside from it being close to where I worked, we loved the natural backyard.  It's just a normal little city lot, but with the hills and the natural foliage, it looks much bigger.

J made Maqluba - from a cookbook called Jerusalem.  I bought the book because of the picture of this dish.  And it's incredible - so many flavors.  (The first link is to a website called Multiculturiostity that describes making this dish from this book with better pictures.  The second one links to a Jerusalem Post review of the book.  It's MUCH cheaper online than what I paid for it at a bookstore, but the bookstore price was worth it for just this recipe.  And I must thank my wife for having the patience to put all the different ingredients together now and then.)

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