Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Opera To The Rescue? Bannon Diavolo, Bigoto, Bigoto, Bigoto, Immigrantissimo Trumpo Banisimo

Last November 22 I had an uncharacteristically short blog post:

"Trump And The Arts
Prediction:  The period beginning roughly in 2017 will be known in the future for its burst of artistic creativity in music, literature, poetry, painting, graffiti, and all other forms of human creativity."
Below is the most creative and well executed example I've seen of the creativity that the Trump administration has inspired.

The power of humor and music!

Thanks to Sam Rose who posted this on his FB page.


  1. I can imagine the real work is only beginning.

    We have national elections in the (marginally) United Kingdom today. Wish us a bit of luck!

  2. And by way of extolling the virtue of democracy, this from the BBC news site, on British voting protocol:

    Can I vote if I've been drinking?

    Yes. Polling station staff cannot refuse a voter simply because they are drunk or under the influence of drugs.

    Only if the voter is disruptive will they be asked to return when they have sobered up.

  3. And this development: We had a helluva election yesterday in GB with progressives winning back seats in Parliament! I'm pretty happy with the electorate here once again. Really refreshing to see socialist economic policies getting oxygen once more in Britain.

    Now, as to the ill-conceived, minority Tory government power-share the PM just cobbled together with a Northern Irish political party... That partner, the DUP, is: A. creationist (yes, they bother with this), B. climate-change denying, C. anti-choice, D. anti-SSM and LGBT rights -- and that's only the starters! It's all quite another matter.

    Is nothing sacred given Brexit negotiations, Mrs. May? Strong and Stable was her election coronation strap-line. Not quite. She lost seats and a majority.

  4. Was watching the live Guardian election updates yesterday (tried to contribute but they said my gift card wasn't valid). Realized how little I knew about UK geography (other than the places I have been). Even saw a rundown on the Irish party May's gathered in. Reminded me of our 2010 trip when I even stopped at an election site. Did you see the Jonathan Pie take on the elections?


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