Friday, November 21, 2014

". . . 'stimulating traffic' is airline-speak for dropping fares."

I'm always interested in language, in euphemisms, in code, in people disguising what they say either to hide their meaning or to make it sound more polite.  And translation, in making transparent what was once opaque.

So I took notice when I saw this translation of 'stimulating traffic', while reading Scott Mcmurren's article about Delta Airlines and Alaska Airlines' deteriorating business relationship today in the ADN.  It seems that they've gone from bosom buddies and partners to 'in competition.'

I've got mixed feelings on this.  As a frequent Alaska flier who lives in Anchorage, I've felt reasonably well served, though I do get worked up as I see the air fare lottery when I go on line and look for prices.  I've been reasonably well served because my mom lives in LA and Alaska's prices to LA tend to be decent.  But I also realize that Alaska's near monopoly on many Alaska destinations means they can charge much more for much shorter Alaska flights (than, say the LA fares, which are often cheaper than Seattle fares.)

Just an observation here.  Mcmurren's article is interesting because it also helps us look behind the saccharine language of airline ads and magazines.


  1. The more competition we can get from Delta here in Your Fair Capital City the better! Prices will be lower this summer again, especially since Delta's regional carrier will be serving Sitka and Ketchikan with direct flights using smaller regional jets. We want year-round competition, though, not just summer Delta service. Alaska's de facto monopoly means Juneau passengers pay the same as Anchorage passengers to get to Seattle even though it's half the distance.

  2. I avoid Alaska Airlines because I refuse to pay their outrageous airline fares to Juneau. I either take the ferry south to Bellingham or north to Skagway and drive the Alaska amazing trip by the way. I welcome Delta and hope they do well.


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