Friday, November 14, 2014

Life Versus Blog

I try to balance life and the blog by blogging about things I'm doing.  And much that I'm doing right now is blog related.  I've got a post on the Anchorage International Film Festival's documentaries in competition (one's that the jury said were the best and are eligible for a prize), but these lists take a long time.

I also did a Skype interview with Attila Szasz whose feature "Ambassador to Bern" is also in competition.  So now I have to edit the video so I can post the interview.  He is in Budapest.  To make this more complicated, I finally got a new computer.  Besides being really slow, I figure that my 7 year old MacBook is going to do worse things, than being slow before long.  And while the changeover is going more smoothly than I expected, it still takes getting used to.  Especially jumping three or four versions of iMovie.

I'm also working with the new Ethics Center in the UAA philosophy department, so I'm working on a paper I hope I can send in for publication before long.  I could share some of that here, but not yet.  An the dark sky above was shot from the office I'm using while another faculty member is away.  So, I'm not hiding or idling, I'm just trying to catch up.  There's also some travel coming up again.  And I'm being careful with my foot now that the boot is off.

I did spend an hour with an Apple "Genius" this afternoon and he helped with a lot of little things that I've been discovering on this computer.  As I say, the transition is going reasonably well.

Here's a shot of yesterday's sunrise.

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