Saturday, November 08, 2014

How Many Blacks In The 114th Congress? And My Feedburner Issues

This post has two goals:

  • Get people who come to this blog from other blogs' blogrolls to see this post called How Many Blacks In The 114th Congress?
  • To let people know a little bit about FeedBurner and feeds in general.
FeedBurner Icon
FeedBurner sends a message out to subscribers that a blogger has put up a new post.  It also updates blogrolls on other blogs.  I get enough hits from other blogrolls that if feedburner doesn't relay my new post, it's noticeable. 

So when the new post was put up about the number of Blacks in Congress after the election, but FeedBurner didn't relay it to other blogs, I tried to repost it.  Sometimes that works.  But it didn't.  When I've looked on line for reasons FeedBurner doesn't work, size is often mentioned.  I've got a Scribed table in that post and I'm wondering if that's the problem.  So I'm sending out this post with the link.

But it seems like a good idea to just talk about FeedBurner as well, for people who really don't know what it is.  It's useful for bloggers who want people to be able to get to their blogs.  With Feedburner, they can find the new blog post on other blogrolls.  Or they can subscribe to the blog and get email notices or have it come to their news reader.  I have to confess that once I got comfortable with how my blog was working, I stopped paying a lot of attention to the technology and focused more on what I was writing.  So here's a video that explains FeedBurner better than I could

When I was looking for FeedBurner info, I found a number of posts around July 2013 predicting that Google might be shutting down FeedBurner and what bloggers should do about it. They say the program hasn't been updated for a long time.  Maybe that's why I'm having problems regularly. Here's a post in June 2014 that tells people about alternatives to FeedBurner and why we should use them.  I guess I better start paying more attention to the tech side again. 

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