Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Wild End To Generally Quiet Day At The Polling Place

I'll write tomorrow after I get a good night's sleep, but the end of the day proved a lot more hectic than I expected with a huge mob of election workers jammed up at City Hall trying to turn in the ballots, voting machines, and other odds and ends.

But here's a glimpse of the election workers waiting to get their materials checked in.  This was about 9:30pm.  Polls closed at 8.  We finally got out about 10:45pm.

I watched this function last November as a poll watcher at the State and Federal election.  They had a lot more space and had runners going out to the cars as they pulled up who carried the equipment into the room.  I also know that new Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones has worked hard to make sure this election didn't suffer the problems that happened last year.  And people were out offering help - someone gave us a cart to put everything on - and someone else was offering candy and another had bottles of water.  Given the long line, in the end we got through in about an hour and were handled very efficiently and courteously by the people inside.  And as we were leaving someone was offering vegies on a tray. 

 Doing this as a poll worker gave me a whole different look at what goes on.  After getting the ballot materials turned in, I was just too tired to go over to election central and I have no idea what the results of the election were.  I'll read the paper when i get up tomorrow.  

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