Thursday, April 04, 2013

"It's Our Oil" Rally Against Giving Billions To Oil Companies

Backbone formed back in the 1999 to stop the state from signing itself over to BP.  It's come back to life recently as the Corrupt Bastards Club reappeared in Juneau and started the process to drastically lower taxes on oil companies over again,.  Ex(?) Conoco-Phillips lobbyist Governor Sean Parnell says SB 21 is needed to get the oil companies to produce more oil.  But there is nothing in the legislation that requires anything from the oil companies.  It's just a straight transfer from the State treasury to the oil companies.  (OK, not exactly.  It's money we now get through our tax system which we won't get if this passes.)  Is this a whole new Republican philosophy?  Hmmm, maybe we should pay drunks on the hope that they become sober and crooks on the hopes it will cause them to be honest.  (Sorry, do you think I have an opinion here?  Some issues are just so black and white that pretending there are two equally valid sides is the deceptive way to report it.)

So, here are some pictures from the noon rally in downtown Anchorage at the Legislative Information Office on a sunny, but definitely wind-chilled day.  Here are some photos of the demonstration.  I'll try to get some video up later.

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