Thursday, April 25, 2013

Treadwell Certifies Referendum

From the Lt. Gov's webpage:


Treadwell Certifies Referendum

Lt. Gov. Treadwell Certifies Referendum
April 25, 2013, Anchorage, AK – Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell today certified 13SB21, the referendum application to reject Senate Bill 21 on Alaska’s oil taxes passed during the legislative session that adjourned April 14, 2013.
The lieutenant governor signed the certificate after consultation with the Division of Elections, which determined the application included a sufficient number of sponsor signatures, and the Department of Law, which concluded that the proposed bill is in the proper form under Article XI of the Alaska Constitution and AS 15.45.
The lieutenant governor notified the primary sponsors of the petition, Victor Fischer, Bella Hammond, and N. Jim Whitaker, Jr.
The Division of Elections will prepare petition booklets for the sponsors to gather signatures from around the state. The petition must be signed by qualified voters at least equal in number to 10 percent of those who voted in the last General Election, who are resident in at least three-fourths of the House districts of the State, and who are equal in number to at least seven percent of those who voted in the preceding General Election in that House district. Based on the 2012 General Election, sponsors will need to gather at least 30,169 signatures from qualified voters.
The referendum petition must be filed on or before July 13, 2013.


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