Thursday, April 04, 2013

Political Graffiti

We walked past this sign Wednesday night.  It seems someone felt Clary's connection to the Anchorage Baptist Temple deserved some recognition on his signs.

And when I checked the spelling of 'graffiti' I found this do-it-yourself graffiti creator site.  This just popped out of my finger tips.  It just seemed right to play with their "Kodiak' style.  [UPDATE March 8, 2014:  I went back to the diy site today and I can't find the page where I created the image below.  Now it looks like you have to buy it all.  Graffiti artists need to make a living too.  But you can go to fontmeme where you can generate your own graffiti in different fonts and colors.]

From the Muni Election page:


Number of Precincts
Precincts Reporting
23 92.0%
Times Counted
6178/35860 17.2%
Total Votes

2506 41.39%
3497 57.75%
Write-in Votes
52 0.86%


  1. Steve, I don't know if it started with Dick Traini taking your public policy class but he voted for Out North when it was deeded the former Grandview Gardens Public Library back in 2004.

    This was an elected official who worked with us after hearing the strong support from Airport Heights residents to the transfer while having the backing of then Mayor Begich. The results are there for all to see now -- it's a dynamic place making new art in Alaska in a big way between two fundamentalist churches. There's hope yet!

    Anyway, before I left the US, Dick became a person I would call a friend. I'm happy to see he was reelected. All the best, Anchorage.

  2. You know, thinking about my last paragraph, I think it better said I became a friend of Dick Traini. I think he already was mine.


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