Saturday, January 12, 2013

Year Zero - Zombie Invasion

Watching Year Zero at Out North AIFF 2011
I'm not into zombies.  I understand that they are metaphorical in the best zombie stories.  But they generally are not my thing.  So I was surprised by how an animated zombie film at the 2011 Anchorage International Film Festival captured me.

I got to chat with the film maker, Richard Cunningham, who taught himself video making by asking google all his questions and, as he said, learning from 15 year olds who had made Youtube videos answering all questions.

I think what caught my fancy was Richard's unique visuals and music and story.  He spent over a year essentially locked up in his New York City apartment making this.  I suspect that experience helped him write the story and to use his own imagination rather than copying what others have already done.  

So I'm pleased the whole film is now available on line.  Enjoy.

Looking at the link to the Cunningham video, I see it also includes Travis Betz whose vampire musical won the best feature that year. I liked that too. Maybe I've been infected.

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