Sunday, January 13, 2013

Malaria - Clever Animation Video Particularly For Tomás

My friend Tomás is a Spanish artist who does great work in various media including cartoons and video.  I think he'll really like this video. 

But so should the rest of you.  This is very clever and original.  I'm not even sure how to describe it. 

Thanks to Five Feet Long and Luminous where I ran across it.


  1. Great video! I really loved it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Eh, considering that animation takes up a good portion of family films, it’s not too surprising.

  3. Thanks, Steve. Really original and perfectly done: a real spaghetti western. A hard competitor for the next AIFF, he, he...

  4. There was a comment today, "Very Nice website." with a link to the commenter's website. And it was an interesting website that offers to make short promotional animated videos for people. It was worth linking to, but the comment here was just too generic. It was just too much about his website and not engaged in the discussion here. So I hit the delete button. Sorry david.


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