Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sanderlings and Godwits at Venice Beach

Although it's been beautifully clear and sunny, our first week here with my mom has been chilly for here.  Highs in the 50s and down into the low 40s at night - and cooler if you go inland.  So, while I've been down to the beach on my morning runs, today, when the temperature was noticeably warmer, we actually biked down and spend some time on the sand.

My calculated guess is that these are marbled godwits.  The have a long up-curved beak.  The Venice Boardwalk is in the background.   Here they are bigger. And click to enlarge.

[UPDATE: 8pm - My Alaskan birder friend, Dianne, who got her 300th Alaskan bird onto her life list, confirmed the godwits and the sanderling.  And I'm posting one more picture I forgot to put up earlier.  Not sure what these are.]

I think these are both sanderlings - black legs and beaks - but I'm not completely sure.

There was a surfing class, but there was no surf.  Catalina's in the background.

Here we are getting ready to leave before the sun sets so we can bike home while it's still light.

Dianne says these are willets.


  1. Welcome to CA. Big surf and king tides were last week. It is nice to have the warm up so the citrus industry doesn't get whacked.

  2. Thanks. It's nice to be here with my mom.


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