Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gays Have Gaydar - Now There's ParkieDar

Peter Dunlap-Shohl, the wickedly funny cartoonist and Parkinson's Disease chronicler has a series of cartoons on his blog on how to spot a Parkie.

Here's part of one of his cartoons in the series. [Since a cartoon is a whole piece of work, I'm just using part of it instead of putting up the whole thing.]  Can you tell which one is the Parkie?

There are five posted now at Off and On the Alaskan Parkinson's Rag.


  1. Outrageous! He should be bludgeoned with a frozen salmon and left in the dark where he can't draw his so-called cartoons. Not that he can draw. Why are you giving this hater free advertising in your otherwise commendable blog? Is nothing sacred anymore? Was it ever?

    Best regards,
    Hateful Anonymous Troll

  2. PDS, I wouldn't treat even a frozen salmon that way. And now and then we have to draw (pun intended) attention to the evils that lurk on the internet as a warning to the gullible.


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