Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer (?) in Anchorage - Lots of Airport Runs

Technically, it's summer.  But except for the sun and relative warmth of half of April, it's been more like the summers of the late 70s and early 80s.  Cool, clouds, rain.  But it is summer - because summer is when you drop off and pick up friends at the airport a lot. 

Tuesday night I had two trips.  Here I am waiting at Arrivals while J goes inside to find our friends.

And still there waiting. . .

We got them home and then I went out again to drop another friend at the airport.

By now - on the way home again - it's almost 11pm, but it's summer and still light, even though it's been cloudy and raining all day.  Turning left at Lake Otis and Tudor.  Despite the strip malls and signage, I can still see the Chugach and all is well.

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  1. Summer in Ottawa, Canada has been slow to begin, which is just as well as it gets stinking humid and hot. My husband and I call them "no go down" days like ramin noodles, you eat and eat and the bowl still seems full.


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