Sunday, June 03, 2012

Potter Marsh

We stopped by Potter Marsh Saturday afternoon.  I've stopped being frustrated with my camera's limited ability to get decent distant shots (ie - most birds) and take it as a challenge to find good photos and ways to push the limits of my camera.

So the purple nailed hand dangling from this truck that pulled in next to us and blocked my view of the water seemed like a natural shot.

And this dead gull floating near the shore.  Not sure what the story was, perhaps it was hit by a vehicle.  It wasn't far from the road.

Last year's dead grasses and reeds are still evident.  While most of Anchorage's trees are fully green now, Potter Marsh still has lots of ungreen.

From the board walk we saw a wide array of birds - most impressive were a sandhill crane that flew a wide arc, a bald eagle that flew out of its nest at the end of the boardwalk, a pair of teal, and the little swallows that were sitting on the railings.  I did figure out how to use the free public telescopes on the viewing platforms as a telephoto lens for my camera.  It's not perfect, but it did yield this picture of a pair of American wigeons.  Then my battery died. 


  1. People still drive those huge trucks with the price of gas as it is? Crazy, even if it's about surviving your next moose collision. Just amazing.

    While I lived in the states, I could take a count of how many pick-up trucks I saw in a parking lot and divide it by the total number -- the result gave me an indication of the politics in a given American community -- do I need to mention what a larger number represented?

    A bit like the Big Mac constant in economics! although not quite science.

  2. i suspect your metric is better than the Big Mac one. The problem with the Big Mac measure is that in many countries it is exotic food and costs much more than local fast food. While it's "the same" item, it means something very different sociologically and economically in Beijing or Dehli than it does in Kansas City.


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